Month: November 2019

Episode 3 — Interview: John King

The Working Title team brings you an exclusive interview with local author and fellow podcaster John King, featuring a discussion on his new novel, Guy Psycho and the Ziggurat of Shame, his podcast, The Drunken Odyssey, and a handful of helpful tips for young writers. 

Guy Psycho and the Ziggurat of Shame tells the story of an alcoholic lounge singer who must re-enact the epic of Gilgamesh while inside a mountain in Tennessee.

Rated explicit for some language.

Episode 2 — Parcels Live

Today’s show features live readings from the November 2019 Parcels: MFAs in Progress: readings by University of Central Florida’s MFA Creative Writing candidates David K. Gibson, Marelize Roets, Dez Deshaies, and author and UCF assistant professor, Chrissy Kolaya.

Parcels: MFAs in Progress is a project featuring readings from MFA Creative Writing candidates and faculty at the University of Central Florida. Join us the first Sunday of each month at 7PM at the Orlando Brewing Company in Orlando, Florida.

Rated explicit for language and adult themes.


[01:08] David K. Gibson

[15:40] Marelize Roets

[27:30] Dez Deshaies

[40:25] Chrissy Kolaya

Winter Solstice 2019

Call for Audio Submissions!

Themed Episode: Winter Solstice  

University of Central Florida Undergrads, Graduate Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff:  

Winter is a season unlike any other. It’s the season of endings and beginnings, of magic and traditions, of lengthening shadows and changing landscapes. Send us your best poetry, fiction, or nonfiction that will make us shiver or warms us from the inside out. Or even a little bit of both. Capture the scenes, scents, and sensations of the season.  We can’t wait to hear what you create!  

 Simply record yourself reading an original, short piece that suits the season. Submissions will be accepted through Saturday, December 7, 2019.  

Check out the Submission page on our website for full guidelines!