Month: February 2020

Episode 10—Love Letters

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Love through the generations. 

The great love of female friendships. 

The arc of married love through a husband’s tight spiral. 

The beasts we become to love the people we shouldn’t love.

Today’s episode brings works of discovery, loss, and monsters. Joins us as Working Title presents: Love Letters. Featuring Jada Reyes, Kara Delemeester, Lorena Parker Matejowsky, and Sean Glatch.

Episode 9—1000 Pigeons and Autonarrative Writing with Dez Deshaies

Join us as we sit down with writer, game designer, and UCF MFA candidate Dez Deshaies to discuss autonarratives and how narrative gaming can inspire creative writing. After we chat with Dez, we’ll listen to 1000 Pigeons, a performance crafted through gaming.

Dez Deshaies is a writer and game designer from Chicago, IL. Recently, his work has been published in Menacing Hedge and exhibited at The Adler Planetarium. He is the series editor of Youth Voices, a compendium of writing by Chicago-area high school students, and he has developed playsets for Fiasco

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Brown University, and is currently pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing at The University of Central Florida. He is on Instagram and Twitter as @dezdeshaies. Find him at