Month: December 2019

Episode 6—Winter Solstice Stories

An unexpected and dangerous guest arrives during a storm, and tries to strike a deal with their host.

A winter freeze brings perceptual and existential clarity, but in Florida such things never last long. 

A 3 A.M. trip down a quiet street during a blizzard yields discoveries old and new.

Join Working Title as we feature audio recordings submitted by writers from the University of Central Florida community—Meg Geren, Dr. Kevin Meehan, and Becca Rowell—on our Winter Solstice Episode. 

Episode 5 — Interview: Terry Ann Thaxton

Join Working Title as writer and MFA Candidate Becca Rowell sits down with University of Central Florida MFA in Creative Writing Program Director and Poet Terry Ann Thaxton. Thaxton discusses the MFA program at UCF, experimentation and hybridity in writing, Literary Citizenship, tips for writers and MFA students, and failed furniture placement.

Terry Ann Thaxton is a fifth generation Floridian who spent most of her childhood roaming hundreds of acres of natural land surrounding her home. Many of the natural habitats are now gated communities or shopping centers. She still heads out to the woods every couple of days. 

Episode 4 – Writers in the Sun: Roger Reeves and Chrissy Kolaya

Join Working Title as we present two Writers in the Sun readings featuring poets Roger Reeves and Chrissy Kolaya. Reeves reads his poem “Children Listen,” and answers questions about his process writing poetry. Kolaya spends time reading from her new collection, Other Possible Lives.

Writers in the Sun is dedicated to bringing a diverse set of award-winning authors and editors to expand students knowledge in writing and the publishing industry. Find them on Facebook @writersinthesun.