Episode 8—Kerouac Karaoke, Part II

Join Nicole Pendleton for the conclusion of her chat with writer and University of Central Florida MFA in Creative Writing candidate, David K. Gibson, affectionately known as “Gib.” In Part II, their conversation includes his current work and the concept of writing as “play,” and where to find Gib and his work online.

David K. Gibson writes fiction, essays, and journalism, and he usually writes them sideways. His work is often experimental in form, and frequently touches on themes of grief and estrangement, souls adrift in a changing world, and oversized root vegetables. He has perhaps read too much Pynchon.

David K. Gibson

Jack Kerouac Project
Kerouac House, Orlando, FL

The Allen Ginsberg Project

Creative Writing in the Community
Terry Ann Thaxton

Kerouac Karaoke Readings:
Kyle Kubik reads Adam Byko
Madison Brake reads Lauren Gagnon
Constance Owens reads Laura Olhmann
Nicole Pendleton reads David K. Gibson