Sam Harden


Former Staff, Founding Cohort

Sam Harden was born in Atlanta, Georgia and made the move as a child to Florida with her family, where she began writing from an early age. She grew up in Gainesville, Florida with her family, including her older sister and her younger brother. Her childhood included a household full of avid readers and her father especially fostered a love for reading in his children. She studied the international baccalaureate program in high school. After high school she moved to Central Florida to study at the University of Central Florida. While getting her undergraduate degree in creative writing, she began a career as a rock climbing instructor, which she now does on the side, along with climbing expeditions of her own. Her one true love besides writing is being a rock climbing instructor, where she is certified by the Climbing Wall Association as a nationally recognized climbing wall instructor. She is continuing her education at the graduate level at the University of Central Florida and has plans to get her PhD alongside continuing her ongoing career in rock climbing instruction. She has been published in several undergraduate literary magazines, like The Susquehanna Review, The Red Cedar Review, and The Cypress Dome.